Product Development Services

Why should you team with Plum Creek Mfg to make your idea a reality???

Having the “next big thing” for a new piece of equipment or improving an existing idea to be more efficient or affordable is only the first, and sometimes, easiest part. Finding the right partner to make your idea a reality is often the more challenging task. Partnering with a business that is small enough to be responsive, engaged in your project, and affordable for a startup budget may make sense for your immediate needs but may handicap you with limited capabilities and resources when your design is ready for mass production. This is where the obvious answer is Plum Creek Manufacturing. While realizing the dream of starting our own shop meant stepping away from management in a larger nationwide manufacturing business, it did leave us with decades of industry contacts, allowing us to capably handle any size manufacturing project either in-house or through a network of skilled OEM partners.


From initial concept to prototyping and final product design you are working with one team eliminating redundancies and accelerating your project.

Our extensive offerings include proof of concept testing, 3D-CAD modeling, and prototyping  depending on your unique project requirements.


We not only develop your idea but also improve the performance, durability, and function of your product through rigorous testing and engineering practices.

We are unmatched in our ability to rapidly create functional, refined product prototypes regardless of the stage of your idea.


With over two decades of experience manufacturing durable and dependable agriculture equipment, parts, and components, we have what it takes to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our in-house capabilities and  partners allow us to control every step of the process.

While all design and manufacturing is local or in-house, we have proven global connections to ensure the sourcing of quality materials, components, and coordinate any shipping needs.

Our specialties include; welding, assembly, drilling, saw cutting
Our partner specialties; laser, plasma, and water jet cutting, forming, machining