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Plum Creek Farm was born in 2015 when Keith and Kendra Zimmerman moved their family to a small farm on the banks of Plum Creek in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Working alongside Keith and Kendra from the beginning of their Plum Creek Farm journey has been Ken and Audrey Nolt (Keith’s sister). Ken signed on to manage the day to day operations on the farm while Keith focused on growing the farm market.

As Ken and Keith began their new venture together, they recognized the need to design and develop equipment to use in their farm operation. Ken’s knowledge in agriculture and Keith’s experience in OEM manufacturing from his 20 plus years at PBZ Manufacturing provided the catalyst for them to begin designing equipment. This eventually led to partnering with customers to develop solutions for their problems and Plum Creek Manufacturing was born. Whether it’s through collaboration with a client for a one-off product, manufacturing and marketing our Chicken Reaper for the poultry industry, or working with clients like Dust Killer Tools to develop and manufacture a complete line of silica dust collection tools, partnering with the team at Plum Creek Mfg has proven to be The way to make your idea a reality.

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