The Chicken Reaper

Complete systems starting at $3,249!* 

The Chicken Reaper will save you time and labor in your poultry house. Removing dead birds has never been easier. The Chicken Reaper runs on an innovative track system that is attached to the ceiling of your poultry house. This simple and sturdy track provides an economical solution to making your job easier. Contact us today or download the brochure to learn more about how you could benefit from adding the Chicken Reaper to your poultry operation!

*(single rail system, not including rail lumber)

The Chicken Reaper can be equipped with a dump box or a bucket tray (shown) for transporting up to (10) five-gallon buckets. The height of the tray is adjustable by removing two snap pins and lifting the tray up or down. This also allows the tray to easily be removed when the house is being emptied or cleaned.

A robust, waterproof remote transmitter gives the operator full control of the trolley. Forward, reverse, stop and speed adjustment can all be controlled with the remote allowing you to keep your Chicken Reaper where you need it at all times.

A 24 volt gear driven motor provides plenty of power to transport up to 500 lbs. The on-board lithium battery and charger provide thousands of charge/discharge cycles. The Chicken Reaper will operate from 1-3 hours on a single charge. 

An idler wheel at the opposite end pivots to allow the Reaper to smoothly navigate the corners. Both wheel are constructed of tough, easy rolling polyurethane to give the trolley a quiet, smooth ride.

The truss brackets are secured to bottom of every truss with (2) GRK fasteners. A galvanized steel hanger bracket then attaches the 2 x 6 yellow pine (provided by the end user) rail to truss bracket. This simple and sturdy rail system drastically reduces the cost of installing a trolley system in your poultry house. And since the rail lumber is sourced locally, shipping the Chicken Reaper is very economical.

Extension brackets for the end tracks adjust to a wide range of roof pitches.

A sturdy corner bracket makes installing a complete circular track a snap. The roll formed steel tube guides the Reaper around the corner and back onto the wooden rail.

Dropping brood curtains takes seconds with this "no tools required" design. Simply remove the bridge and flip the stop tube in place on top of the rail.

With Bridge Removed