Plum Creek Manufacturing is a small manufacturer that is a part of Plum Creek Farm LLC. We design, develop and manufacture equipment to be used on our farm as well as for other customers. Our 20+ years of manufacturing experience and our direct involvement with agriculture is valuable to our design and development process. It often allows us to have first hand experience with the challenges and problems that we develop solutions for. Contact us today to learn if partnering with Plum Creek Manufacturing would be a good fit for you!

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Most concepts take their first step towards a real product via a virtual design. Utilizing the latest technology in computer aided drafting, a virtual 3D model of the concept is created. This 3D model usually goes through many revisions before an actual prototype is manufactured. This process allows us to save time and expense in creating the first working prototype of a product.

When the initial prototype is completed, it is sent to the field for testing. This will often take place on our own farm which allows us to have first hand feedback on the performance and reliability of the solution that we developed. Our integrated approach to design, development and manufacturing allows us to expedite the process from a concept to a marketable product.